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The Moon? Choosing Change Here in the U. It's Eclipse Season!

November 7 Birthday Horoscope 2018-12222

We're heading into eclipse season with a Solar Eclipse at the Real Life Astrology: Taurus I'm a total chocolate snob. I admit it freely, and I embrace Mars Direct: Starting Over Mars is the warrior planet. It represents the urge to push into April Direct Can you feel the energy bubbling yet? View: Mobile Desktop. Login About Us Mobile Apps. Privacy Directory Privacy Settings. Your ruling planet Mercury opposes dreamy Neptune today, creating a confusing energy.

You're feeling nostalgic and not sure where you want to head in the future. The moon enters Capricorn, inspiring you to face your fears, and connects with Uranus, bringing a burst of intuitive insight. Messenger planet Mercury opposes hazy Neptune, creating a difficult energy for communication—nothing is making sense!


Your focus turns to your relationships as the moon enters Capricorn, and surprising meetings take place as it connects with Uranus. Communication planet Mercury opposes hazy Neptune, creating a confusing energy, especially when it comes to finances. Thankfully, the moon enters grounded earth sign Capricorn, helping you out at work, and connects with electric Uranus, helping you break through some scheduling issues. What's in the stars for you in September?

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Daily Horoscope 10 October, 12222

Sep 6 , pm. Sagittarius is governed by Jupiter, so when this sign and planet link up, the energies work together at their highest vibrations. We will start feeling the impact of Jupiter as early as Thursday, November 22 , when the sun glides into Sagittarius.

At this time, we will have celestial bodies in this fiery sign the sun, Mercury, and Jupiter , creating a powerful cosmic trifecta. The following day Friday, November 23 , the sky will be electrified by a full moon in Gemini, which will provide some serious clarity. The moon symbolizes our emotions , and on a societal scale, women. By the end of the month, we will definitely see lots of shifts directed toward attitudes about the patriarchy.

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It is my duty, however, to be the bearer of some less fabulous news as well: The very same day that sensual Venus concludes its retrograde cycle, Mercury begins its own moonwalk. The fourth and final retrograde of begins on Thursday, November 16 and will last through December 6.

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You ready, team? On Friday, November 23 , a full moon in Gemini illuminates the night sky and reveals vital information about your next step. Keep an eye on your emails, text messages, and DMs — especially the filtered boxes you never check. Read your full November horoscope here.

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  5. A new cycle begins on Wednesday, November 7 , when a new moon in Scorpio your opposite sign blankets the sky. This is a great time to set your intentions, Taurus babe. On Thursday, November 8 , Jupiter the planet of fortune and expansion moves into Sagittarius — your opposite sign — activating your partnership zone. Over the next 13 months, there will be radical change across all of your serious bonds. Under this sky, take a look under the hood and get in touch with your innermost feelings.